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Every one of us loves to listen to great songs every now and then. However, usually listening songs requires them to download by purchasing them first. Online streaming of songs is rarely available for free and even if free, the ads and other signup procedures are so complex that an average Joe who’s there to listen to his/her favorite music gets confused.

Musiclink FM

If you want to listen to entire albums without downloading them or anything to pay for it, then is the place to go. This web service features the ability to listen to entire music albums by artists before you actually buy them from an online store. Moreover, no registration is required and you can get started just by visiting the website. You can start browsing for albums when on the site and also see through the most popular albums and have a go by listening to them at


Album names and albums according to artists can also be searched from the search function present, which works extremely well to locate albums. The streaming is completely ad-free and you can listen to the entire album before you make the purchase. Once satisfied, you can simply click the purchase link and buy the song almost immediately.

Powered by Grooveshark, is simple, easy and elegant way to listen to all your music before pre-ordering it.

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