LifeProof Case for iPhone/iPad: Make your Device WaterProof

iDevices like iPhone and iPad are not made to be in consonance with the rugged gadget definition. So if you are in a confused state that what mobile appendage you should use to protect your iPhone from dirt, grime water, weather and accidental falling incidents then there is a new accessory in the market called as LifeProof Case.(Pre-order $70)


This latest iOS device accessory aims to change the iPhone sturdiness by making it as invincible as possible. The makers of LifeProof case claim that their designed case will provide protection from snow, grime, weather, dust, bumps and even falls. The slim and cleanly crafted case does not hamper the phone functionality at all and it only adds about 1.5mm to the iPhone’s 4 profile.

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LifeProof Case


This particular case is designed as per military specifications and has shock resistance body and with LifeProof case your iPhone/iPad can survive almost 2m under water. Furthermore, for all the diving enthusiasts you can now take your device underwater as well with LifeProof case.

You can order it online and using it you can take your iPhone/iPad anywhere you want even in a shower.

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