Launch Applications on your Android Phone with Style Using SwipePad

The best thing that I like about smartphones is that there is an endless supply of applications to meet your needs and to quench your tech savvy thrust. Not all apps are dazzling or turn out what you want them to be but they are few that become part of our every day lives. So with so many apps on our smartphones, launching these apps sometimes turn out to be quite a hassle because as the number of apps start increasing so does the homescreen expands. One solution is that use launchers, but launcher are also a bit slow and sometimes they crash also causing quite a hassle.

What is SwipePad?

So today I am introducing a new kind of an app launcher for Android users and I can bet that it will make your application launching thing a piece of cake. SwipePad is the name of an App launcher, which basically is a quick application launch-pad for smartphones powered by Android 2.1 or above. The launcher constantly runs in the backdrop and it just occupies a line in the notification area. The moment you touch on any of the edge of your phones touchscreen, SwipePad pop-ups a grid showing twelve buttons that give a look like this:

SwipePad Homescreen
A virtual circle also pop-ups at the bottom showing where your finger is on the screen, once you find an icon of your choice from the grid you just have to slide your finger over to that app icon and it will automatically turn BLUE. If you let your finger go at this point when the icon is blue, app will launch. But if you keep on holding it for 2 more seconds it will turn its color to Orange.

SwipePad ScreenSwipePad Orange

At this particular instant if you let it go a menu will pop-up that will look like this:

SwipePad menu

This menu is pretty easy to understand, first two options let users set an application or a shortcut for the slot you have selected. The third option is a dedicated app launcher that will ultimately increase your option launching capability with SwipePad. Last button Hide is a very interesting thing because it allows users to hide any app from the launcher grid. It is useful for those users who by mistake keep on launching a particular app.

Because of the muscle memory, SwipePad becomes faster with the passage of time. All you have to do is remember the apps posted on 12 grids and then you can launch your favorite and most used apps by a single swipe from one edge of the screen.

I think it’s a pretty innovative and fastest way of launching apps on your Android phone and you should definitely try it on your device.