KeepMeOut Will Help You Control Your Internet Addiction

I’d understand if you’d say that you’re working for Facebook or Google, then you couldn’t possibly control your internet addiction. But, in case you’re not and still are on a certain website or two all the time, then you should probably visit a shrink or sign up with KeepMeOut.

KeepMeOut is an online web service that will help you get over your addiction to certain websites, adult or not, by literally keeping you away from them. While using this service, you’ll not be given access to such addictive websites, but then you’ll be the one deciding that. It’s only another web service, but without any help from you, it’s not going of to be of any help to anyone. Of course, there are some websites that you’d like to check regularly like CallingAllGeeks or ShoutMeLoud, now these aren’t addictive sites. Facebook, on the other hand, is a really very super addictive website.

KeepMeOut is only a web service, it’s not any kind of mind reader that will control your brain to not visit a certain website. It only works if you decide that you need to help yourself and get things done, rather than drool over something on Facebook or Youtube. Here’s how you get things started;

  • Tell yourself that you can get rid of that deadly Facebook addiction. If you’re addicted to CallingAllGeeks then stop reading!!
  • Visit and type in the name of the website that you want to keep yourself out from
  • Now get the settings right, for example, if you want the website to warn you to stay away from a website for say 2 hours, then you can select the settings for that. There are few Advanced options as well.
  • Now click on submit and save the created link as a Bookmark.
  • Make sure you use the created link to visit the desired website, so as to keep yourself not addicted to it.

It’s pretty much going to work out if you decide that it should. After all, addiction is not a good thing!! So be good fellow addicts and try to get rid of that nasty website addiction of yours.

Are you addicted to any other websites other than Facebook, Youtube et cetera?

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  1. This is really helpful to control the edition of social sites spatially for school going kids.

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