JustPaste.it: Easily Share Text and Images with Friends Online

The internet offers various ways of sharing your notes with friends. You can email your notes or blog about them. But both of these require you to first have an account through which you can email or blog. However by using “Just Paste It” you can easily start publishing notes online without registering for any accounts.


“Just Paste It” is a free to use website that lets you publish your notes. In its own words, the site lets you “share text and images the easy way.” Undoubtedly it lives up to this claim.

When you visit the homepage of the site you find an empty writing canvas with various formatting tools. These tools let you control numerous aspects of your notes such as font size, alignment, bullets, and color. You can also add images, hyperlinks, and text in simple as well as special formatting. Mistakes can be undone using the undo and redo buttons.


To the right of the editing canvas you will find tools that let you specify the URL of your published note. Using these controls you can also upload image from your computer and export notes stored in DOC, RTF, or ODT files.


With your note completed, you can click on the Publish button at the bottom to obtain the three different types of links for your note. These links correspond to a direct public URL, to a code to used in forums, and to an embeddable HTML code which you can use on your site or blog.


Either of these codes results in your note being viewable. The note is viewed exactly how you edit it in the canvas. Viewers can also download the note as a PDF file if they wish.


Throughout the process, you do not create any accounts with the website nor do the viewers of your note. This feature along with its overall simplicity of use and richness of features, makes “Just Paste It” a remarkable online note-sharing application.

Check out “Just Paste It” @ http://justpaste.it/