JotOnce: Write Password-Protected Shareable Messages

JotOnce is a quick and easy way to exchange messages with others, using password-protected, sharable notes. This site could help you in all kinds of messaging. If you are insecure sending something to a friend by social networking sites(Twitter, Facebook) in a fear that somebody other than that friend might have access to his account and can see your personal message. JotOnce allows you to create a message and make it available to as many or as few people as you want. Because, the message is password-protected and anyone that doesn’t know your password will not get the access to your message.


A question might have raised in your mind. Why JotOnce? You should use JotOnce because you might not be able to find any other site with the same mission that JotOnce has. And JotOnce is an ideal service because it’s both fast and secure. Creating a password-protected message is simpler than ever. Let me explain it in points.

1. Go to JotOnce homepage.
2. See the top right, you will see an option, “Create New Jot”. Click it.
3. Now, you are into the jot creator. Type the message you want to.

4. Check the left and right of your message, you will see options of securing your message. Check them and edit them if you want too.
5. Click on “Post Jot”.

That’s it! Your message would have been posted and you can now share it with your friends whom you wan to access it. It’s as simple as you read it. This service is totally fast and doesn’t give you headaches for such a simple work.¬†All messages stored on the JotOnce server are encrypted, and can only be recovered with their specific password which means total security. If that is not enough you can even add more security to your message which will make all your work easier than ever.


On the whole, JotOnce is a must try for the people who want to share a particular thing with a group of personal friends or whoever. This site is amazing in its own genre. What do you think about it? Do comment.