JoliPrint: Convert Different Online Articles into PDF Files

In past, we covered few tools and extensions which can be used to convert different web pages to PDF files so that they can be read offline. Today, we came across another useful tool, JoliPrint which can help users convert different web pages and blog articles into simple PDF files. The reason why many people prefer to do this is because these days, many blogs are using so much ads that its not convenient for the user to read the content.


Using the tool is really simple and straight forward. If you want to convert any blog post or web page into PDF file, just paste the URL of that website in the field provided and click on “JoliPrint It” button and it will start the conversion process.


Once the web page is converted into PDF, it will give you the option to either download the PDF file or share it on different social networks including Facebook and Twitter or email to any friend or family.


If you like this service, you can install its browser extension so that you don’t have to open the site every time you want to convert any article to PDF. If you are a chrome user, you can easily install Joliprint extension from Chrome Web Store and use the service. For people who use Firefox or Safari, they can install Joliprint bookmarket in their browsers.


JoliPrint is an excellent online tool which can help readers read different articles in clutter free pages, without any ads or distractions. Here is a screenshot of webpage created using JoliPrint Converter.


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