Jailbreak any iOS 4 Device with Jailbreakme.com

The great folks at iPhone Dev-Team and our current iOS superstar Comex have made available to us a Jailbreak solution for iOS 4 devices. It works for all devices from iPod Touch to iPad including the iPhone of course. You don’t even need a computer to perform the process. Jailbreaking couldn’t get any simpler.

For Your Info:
, in brief, is the process of freeing your Apple device from the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. It’s a software installation which will hence give you ability to install third party applications including those unapproved by your carrier or Apple.

Please select your device from the following list to proceed jailbreaking through Jailbreakme.com

While the guides have been tested to work for the suggested devices, please proceed at your own risk. Apple classifies this process as illegal and you may void your warranty. We’re also not responsible if your iPhone starts mailing people on distant planets.

Note: This process is absolutely reversible. You can simply restore your device in iTunes and set it up as a new one. You may want to do it before you take it to the Apple store for repairs.

If you find any broken links or need anything new that you think isn’t already here feel free to tell us in the comments section. Happy Jailbreaking!

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