iTunes 9.1 Not Recognizing iPhone [ Solved]

Few days back I told you about latest iTunes 9.1 and yesterday when I was connecting my iPhone to iTunes, it was not recognizing my iPhone 3GS 32 Gb. For an instance I find it big issue for me as I was stuck nowhere.

itunes9.1 Here is the simple solution to this problem:

  • Restart your iPhone and Reconnect Else
  • Restart your iTunes and connect Else
  • Restart your Laptop/PC

In my case last one worked and I’m sure it will help you, if you find yourself in such issue.

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  1. One thing that works consistently for me is:

    1. Open notepad

    2. Paste in the following lines:
    @echo off
    net stop “Bonjour Service”
    net stop “iPod Service”
    net stop “Apple Mobile Device”
    net start “Apple Mobile Device”
    net start “Bonjour Service”
    net start “iPod Service”
    start “iTunes” “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe”

    3. Save the file as something like iTunes.bat

    4. Launch that file (iTunes.bat in this case) instead of the iTunes icon.

    5. You can go further and create a shortcut to the file, change the icon on the shortcut to use the one embedded in the iTunes.exe file, etc.

    One note: On the last line in step 2 – you’ll need to change the last phrase in quotes if your iTunes is installed in a different folder. For instance, on 64-bit systems the line would read:
    start “iTunes” “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe”

    If you installed in a different directory than the default, change the line to point to your actual iTunes.exe file

    This works consistently for me – hope it helps.

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