iPhone Tip: How to Find Text Within A Web Page in Safari

Apple’s iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad went live in November and brought some great new iPhone features. We briefly discussed the top 10 new iPhone features in iOS 4.2. One of our favorites among those was the feature which lets us Find text on iPhone’s browser.

There’s no doubt that the iPhone’s Safari browser is the best mobile browser ever made. However, it did lack a few small features which are slowly starting to appear as Apple keeps releasing the latest iPhone firmware.

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How to find text on any webpage using your iPhone?

Normally, on your laptop you would press Ctrl + F to find anything. In order to find text on iPhone, once your webpage has loaded go to the search field beside the address bar and type whatever you want to search.

Now scroll down to skip google’s suggestions and you will see matches found on page.


Click on the result to browse through every match found on the webpage. I can click next to advance to next result in the screenshot shown below.


Click on Done to exit the search feature.

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