iPhone Game review: Dungeon Hunter 2

Dungeon Hunter 2 is the follow-up RPG Title of Dungeon Hunter from Gameloft. It offers similar game play but with some welcome improvements that should satisfy some of even the most hardcore RPG fans. This new sequel packs in beautiful graphics, an OST soundtrack, multiplayer option and a lengthy story that should keep you occupied for many hours.

The game starts like any other RPG. You can choose between three different character classes – Warrior, Rogue or Mage. The Warrior is your tough hand-to-hand fighter who deals a lot of damage but is slow. Your Rogue is the sly one that is able to swiftly and stealthily maim enemies but is very weak in actually being able to take the damage. Finally, the Mage will be casting deadly spells but not much of a melee fighter. At level 12 each character class will have two different subclasses that will appear and it will allow you to skillfully hone your craft. For example, warriors will choose between a crusader and berserker.

The world in Dungeon Hunter 2 is much bigger than its predecessor. There will be a myriad of areas to explore, more enemies to slaughter and an abundance of quests that have to be completed. Scattered around the map there will be an abundance of treasure chests that will have loot or different weapons and armor that will help you in your journey. I’d like to add that there is literally hundreds of items and that alone will keep you busy!

Experience points are divided into skill and talent points. Skill points will improve your core abilities such as strength, endurance, dexterity and energy. On the other hand, talent points will be divided into two areas: active and passive. For example, active abilities will strengthen your specialized attacks while passive abilities can give you more experience per kill. Just managing your equipment and choosing what skills to develop should provide you with enough depth to keep you coming back for more.

One notable feature is the inclusion of cooperative multiplayer. This can be played both local and online (Game Center or Gameloft Live!).  You will be able to play a campaign with up 4 players and offers more difficult game play. However the lack of interaction between your team mates whether it be lack of communication or item trading it really dumbs down the experience.

Dungeon Hunter 2 offers a highly detailed environment with brilliant colors. The lighting and shading looks fantastic on the iPhone and the attention to detail from your weapons, enemies and character itself is quite stunning.  The world you will explore is lush and exciting and should provide you with a lot of excitement for those who like to explore.

Overall this game provides a lot of game play and character customization opportunities. It really seems like the sky is the limit as you can always finish and replay as a different class or focus on different abilities. The inclusion of multiplayer is exciting and a great addition for this type of game. Overall for those who are fans of RPG games you should definitely check it out.

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