iPhone 4S Jailbreak Update: MuscleNerd

Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S, people have been quite busy with their personal assistant Siri and almost forgotten about the much needed jailbreak. As of now, the iPhone 4S cannot be jailbroken, which means it cannot be customized beyond what iOS 5 provides. Almost all the basic Cydia tweaks have been readily getting the iOS 5 updates, but there has been no news on the 4S jailbreak.

However, earlier today, iPhone dev team developer MuscleNerd, gave the world some good news and released some pictures of a jailbroken iPhone 4S. We knew that the devs have been hard at work on the jailbreak, but this is the first time any update has been let loose in the public. He also said that this is just the beginning, there’s lots more to work on, thus nobody should expect any good news in the coming weeks. There is not time frame to be honest.

But, as you can see from the above screenshot, the team has managed to do something and Cydia has been installed. Jailbreaking an iPhone is very important, as it unlocks lot of new things and features. We were also given some updates on an upcoming iOS 5 untethered jailbreak, but again, no exact date or any such details were mentioned. Hence, all you iPhone 4S users out there, you just have to hold on to Siri and wait for the big news on a jailbreak.

iPhone 4S jailbreak would be great news, because you can try out some cool Cydia tweaks like IntelliScreenX and more.

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