iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked Unboxing Pictures

Today I bought iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked in India. This Factory unlocked 16gb iPhone 4 cost me INR 45000 or $960.

I had an option to but jail broken iPhone 4 16 Gb for INR 41000 but because of my bad experience with Jail broken iPhone 3GS I opted for Factory unlocked one.

Somehow I still miss the look and design of iPhone 3GS compare to iPhone 4. iPhone 4 doesn’t look as good as iPhone 3GS. Still being an Apple fan, I had no option but to go for iPhone instead of any other phone. If not iPhone, I would have gone for Nokia N8 which is scheduled to launch next month.

Here I’m sharing unboxing images of iPhone 4:

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59 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked Unboxing Pictures”

  1. nice , how did you ship it to india ? or went to Honkong according to your FB update πŸ˜›

  2. Nice phone Harsh!!
    How did you get it? ebay or Gaffar Market πŸ™‚ ?
    Looks good.

  3. Congrats harash πŸ™‚ You can even make a unboxing video… It is also having demand in youtube πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks For suggestion Arun..May be for next product I will do unboxing video πŸ™‚

  5. Harsh , can you tell me how to purchase a factory unlocked iphone 4 in india ? thanks and all the best.

  6. Prashanth
    I suggest search on Ebay.in and in most of the listing you will find the contact number of seller and give him a direct call.

  7. I felt so. Because you wrote price of your iPhone 45k which is same to ebay’s price. So I felt that you might have got it from ebay.

    You’ve been using it for three days now, Hows the performance ?

  8. Congrats Harsh for the iphone 4. You’ll love it am sure. Me 2 nw waiting for my iphone 4 which i ordered a week before. Hope it reaches soon and i too could join up the iphone groups πŸ™‚ Good Luck Harsh.

  9. Hi Harsh,

    First of all congrats in getting your ipone 4. the sexiest phone ever.

    By the way, can you please help me out with the seller with whom you bought the phone and will iphone 4 factory unlocked piece be available in Honk kong apple store?

    Please do help me out, thanks a lot.

  10. Hey Ragh
    I got the seller thought Ebay India and I would suggest you to do the same as the seller which I contacted, I can’t take his responsibility and if he scam you or something , I might not feel good.
    I would suggest find seller selling iPhone on Ebay, all of them have added their contact info, find some one with best price and with Good reviews. Contact them and ask them to sell you iPhone directly.
    Also you can try ordering from eBay directly as Paisapay feature is very useful and will make sure you don’t get scammed.

  11. Hey Harsh,
    thanks a lot for your kind reply,

    can you please let me know as to what will be the disadvantage if i get the factory unlocked handset from Hong Kong???

    can i activate it in India with an Indian sim in it?

  12. @Ragh
    If you are getting Factory unlocked one from hongkong, Go for it.. As it’s cheaper..
    U can always activate it..but u need to cut your sim..
    You should look for iPhone 4 Sim cutter… Which you can get for arnd 20$

  13. Thanks for your reply,

    it surely works out to be cheap for around 30k but i had a doubt as whether it can be activated in inia or not….

    thanks for your confirmation…

    and it can also be updated to new firmwares, am i right????

    and from where can i get locked iphones apart from USA, as in USA, the 2 year contract is mandatory, that doesn’t work out to be cheap…..

  14. hey friends,

    i have a doubt like, if i purchase the iphone from hong kong online store,

    can it be courierd to India without any kind of troubles???? like customs, courier company etc…

    If there is anybody who has already done this, please let me know….

    Thanks a lot……

  15. @ harsh agrawal, i am going to buy iphone 4 factory unlocked from canada so i just wanted to ask whether you activated the iphone 4 with the indian sim card or it was already activated and is there any activation problem, which network sim card you are using please tell me and also any other problems facing on mobile

    thanks and congrats for the new phone

  16. @nishit panchal

    If you buy iphone 4 from apple online store canada, you’ll get it contract-free, which means you can use any GSM sim card in it and later you can activate the phone with any carrier’s sim in it…..

    But, online stores will not deliver the product outside canada, that’s the only prevailing issue now……

  17. hey harsh congrats on your new iphone ! i need some help from you guys! ive just got two Brand New iPhone 4’s from UK apple store! and they were guaranteed to be unlocked but when i am inserting airtel or BSNL SIM they are not activating in iTunes!! what do I do?? HELP!!!

  18. Hey Harsh,
    Thanks for this interesting article. i just ordered iphone 4 from apple canada online store.(factory unlocked …ofcourse). i am wondering what exactly the activation process is?.
    How did it all worked for you when u connected your iphone 4 for the first time in itunes.(with Microsimmed-Airtel card in the phone)
    Does it ask for the zip code/billing info/SSN number stuffs in the itunes for the very first time? just curious to know before i get my iphone4 in 3 weeks in india .

    Thanks in advance .

  19. Amal I think by now you are in the elite group of iPhone users πŸ™‚
    Do come back and share your views about iPhone 4..

  20. Hey Ragh
    I have no clue about it but when I was planning to ship it from HongKong, many ppl asked me to get it only of any of your friend is bringing it for you..Else custom and all will be a headache..!!

  21. Hey Nishit
    I activated it using Airtel Sim and no issues at all with activation.. Just make sure you have a micro-sim cutter with you..!!

  22. Hi,
    I would like to buy a factory unlocked iPhone. What do you suggest?
    Can i buy this from Canada? Or just place an order in Ebay?
    Could you please explain how the factory unlocked phone differ from the jail broken unlocked phone?
    Do factory unlocked phone support all features? Installing third party apps?
    IS there any thing in which the jail broken iPhone surpasses the Factory unlocked one? Please let me know, So that I’ll decide on what to buy..

    Thanks for your time

  23. Hi Chandra, you should buy wherever you are getting a better deal in terms of the price. Factory unlocked iPhones can be updated to the latest firmware without waiting for a compatible Jailbreak release which sometimes might take months. prior to iPhone 4 release factory unlocked iPhones weren’t so widely available. So in 2010 no reason to buy any other variant. And the factory unlocked phone can be jailbroken too.

  24. Hi,
    Thnkas for your early reply.
    I’m planning to buy the factory unlocked iphone 4 from ebay.
    But, How can I make sure that iPhone is factory unlocked? (Not jailbroken?)
    Is there any standard way to check whether it is factory unlocked? You got it from Ebay..right..How did you check and confirmed yourself that you got the Factory unlocked one?
    Please let me know..For me iPhone is one answer away from me.. As soon as you answer I’ll buy iPhone.

  25. @ Chandra —-

    Here’s a way to tell if the phone is carrier locked, based on the part number written on the box:

    Locked iPhone 4 country part numbers

    MC603DN/A – 16GB Black
    MC605DN/A – 32GB Black

    MC603J/A – 16GB Black
    MC605J/A – 32GB Black

    MC603Y/A – 16GB Black
    MC605Y/A – 32GB Black

    MC608LL/A – 16GB Black
    MC610LL/A – 32GB Black
    MC318LL/A – 16GB Black
    MC319LL/A – 32GB Black

    Unlocked iPhone 4 country part numbers

    MC603X/A – 16GB Black
    MC605X/A – 32GB Black

    MC603C/A – 16GB Black
    MC605C/A – 32GB Black

    MC603FB/A – 16GB Black
    MC605FB/A – 32GB Black

    Hong Kong
    MC605ZP/A – 32GB Black
    MC603ZP/A – 16GB Black

    MC603IP/A – 16GB Black
    MC605IP/A – 32GB Black

    New Zealand
    MC603X/A – 16GB Black
    MC605X/A – 32GB Black

    MC603ZA/A – 16GB Black
    MC605ZA/A – 32GB Black

    MC603KS/A – 16GB Black
    MC605KS/A – 32GB Black

    United Kingdom
    MC603B/A – 16GB Black
    MC605B/A – 32GB Black

  26. Hello Guys,
    Is there a way to know that an iPhone 4 is officially unlocked by apple and not cracked? I’m in Jordan and want to buy a 16GB iPhone 4.

    Thank you.

  27. hi asyham, there should be no cydia on the homescreen of the iPhone.

    Sureshot method is to restore iPhone in iTunes and insert any sim. If it works, its factory unlocked.

  28. Hi Rajat,
    Thanks for your comments.

    I have no experience in this device. What is the cydia? You mean the plastic cover “bad English” :p..?

    About the restore, you mean switch the phone in iTunes mode? I don’t want to fooled …

    Can you provide snapshots?
    Thx for your help.

  29. ayham,
    cydia is the name of a third party application. if its there you will see a brown icon named cydia on the homescreen(screen where icons are placed)

    as for restore, connect in itunes on a computer with a usb cable and click on restore.

  30. hi,
    i have recently bought an Iphone 4 which is factory unlocked. However, there is no cydia icon on it. how should i start with it?

  31. hi Rajat.
    i think u can help me .. my bro is coming from usa in march 2011 and i asked him to bring me iphone4 factory unlocked 16gb …
    but i hav doubt of
    1.. availability of factory unlocked iphone 4 in us
    2… how much cost in US dollar
    3… activation issues if i get it in india (bangalore)
    i would highly appreciat it if you help me in this matter
    thank you.

  32. @tashi
    1. Factory unlocked phones are not available in the US officially. if you are lucky you can maybe locate a private reseller selling unlocked phones.
    2. the price is something between 35-45k in indian currency
    3. if you get factory unlocked then no problem with any carrier in india. if not you will have to apply software unlock. we have tutorials posted to help you with that. good luck

  33. Hi ,

    I am currently located in US and planning to purchase Iphone .
    I have a question about Iphone 4 16 gb :-
    i) How do i know whether its a factory unlocked or manual unlocked ..
    Bcoz I am finding Shops which are mentioning phone is a factory unlocked
    and quoting me 750 USD ,but how do i differentiate its a factory unlocked
    and not a manual unlocked. Bcoz there are so many frauds running this
    business here.

    ii) Can you pls confirm the price of iphone 4 16gb Price in India and where to
    purchase the same ?

    Any help will be much appreciated in this regards ..

    Gaurav Yadav
    408 843 0584

  34. @gaurav
    to check factory unlocked or not you will need to restore in iTunes to Apple’s firmware and then insert SIM. if it works then its factory unlocked. also, if you see an application called cydia on iPhone it has been software unlocked.
    as for price, it should be 37K-40K INR

  35. Hi,

    I have got the new iphone 4 from US. I am not sure whether its locked or unlocked but most probably its locked. Right now I am able to use it only as ipod. Can you please let me know if there is a way to unlock iphone 4 with firmware 2.10.04? Please do reply

  36. i really like this info …
    wen buying from a shop in india should i check the phone infront of the seller or shopkeeper???. to check fraud or cheat ?… plzx get me the essentials of buying a factory unlocked sealed iphone 4 from a shop in delhi ….

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