iPad Wi-Fi or iPad Wi-fi+ 3G: Which iPad to buy?

Those who are looking forward to buy an iPad, must be getting confused about which iPad one should buy. We have already shared iPad 2 price and we know there is a difference of $130 between 64GB Wi-fi+ 3G and Wi-fi only version. Which might not be much but if you are planning to use iPad all the time from an environment where you can easily access Wi-fi, you might like to save your $130.

Here are some of the factors which you should consider before buying iPad and selecting the best version if iPad.

Wi-Fi location:

If your work usually consist from home and office where you can easily connect your iPad to Wi-fi network, you might like to stick to Wi-Fi version only. You can also consider Wi-Fi finder app which will tell you which is the nearest Wi-Fi Hotspot around you. But if you travel a lot, you might like to grab a 3G version so that you can access internet on your iPad on the move.

Another Sim & data cost:

In order to use 3G on your iPad, you need to insert Sim card. Remember like iPhone4, iPad also uses the microsim and you need to get a Micro sim cutter or get your Sim cut down from the market. This will  increase your data cost and specially when 3G is not very cheap, this might cost you a lot if you travel a lot. But we can’t limit iPad to watch movies and reading books only? Isn’t it? If you are in India, I prefer using Airtel 2GB GPRS pack along with iPad. Remember I’m talking about GPRS/EDGE connection and not 3G connection. With INR 98, you get 2 GB of downloadable data which is sufficient for a month. I might not be opting for any 3G services, as 3G costs are too high.

Battery life:

If you are using 3G with your iPad, this decrease your iPad battery life and despite of 10h battery backup time, it might look less when you travel. With 3G on iPad, it will cut down your battery life by 20% and instead of 10H backup time, you might be getting somewhere around 7-8 hours of battery life.

Built in GPS in 3G:

This is a huge difference for those who are using GPS and localization service. GPS works on both the version of iPad, but 3G iPad has a dedicated GPS chip and it’s more accurate than Wi-Fi model of iPad.

I would prefer going for iPad 3G version. Though you might be able to stick to Wi-Fi only version, if you have a data card and you can buy a Wi-Fi router for data card and create your own Wi-Fi network on the move.

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Also let me know which iPad you are planning to buy ?