Full Comparison: iPad 2 vs. iPad First Generation

Here’s the comparison between the 2010 iPad and the new iPad 2 model introduced on March 2nd, 2011. Thinner, faster and FaceTime capable iPad 2 really beats its predecessor. Read full iPad 2 comparison after the break.

The original iPad lacked a lot as compared to the new iPad 2. Of course, this goes for every hardware that’s one or more generations old but things are mighty different for a first generation device. Specially one when creating a new platform. In spite of all this, Apple sold 15 million iPads in 2010 over a period spanning nine months. This was revealed by Steve Jobs at the March 2nd event.

Now back to the iPad comparison:

Design & Form Factor:

While the iPad 2’s screen is still the same 9.7 inch as the previous one, the thickness has been decreased by 33%. As compared to 13.4mm, iPad 2 is only 8.8mm. The weight has decreased from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 pounds.

The iPad 2 will be offered in both black and white right from day one. So that’s a new option we see in iPads. The white iPhone 4 has not seen daylight so far.

This time a CDMA Verizon model is available too. Hopefully, Apple will be shipping CDMA models abroad too. The combination of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G models and the two colors make it a total of 18 iPad 2 versions. That’s a good deal of devices for Apple Stores to maintain.

Apple ipad 2 comparison 4


The previous iPad’s A4 processor has been replaced by a 1Ghz A5 processor on the iPad 2. While A5 consumes low power just like the A4, it is a dual-core processor offering upto 2x speeds on the iPad 2. Similary, the upgraded GPU is said to be upto 9 times faster than previous model. We saw one glimpse of this during the Photo Booth Demo where different video streams were being rendered in real time.


Ask anyone what do you want to change in the original iPad? The first suggestion, as you might have already guessed, is a camera. While we can’t not do without a rear camera, a front camera is a must. Specially from Apple devices, in a time when FaceTime is available on all other latest generation iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and every Mac with iSight or FaceTime HD Camera.

Apple ipad 2 comparison 5

The new iPad 2 has two new cameras. Just like the iPod Touch 4G, front camera captures VGA quality video at 30fps. Rear camera is capable of capturing 720p HD Video with audio. Stills with 5x digital zoom can also be taken from the rear camera. We are not sure about the exact resolution but we’re guessing it’s the same as the one on iPod Touch 4G. Geotagging and tap to control exposure during video recording or shooting snaps make the iPad 2’s cam even more hip.


If you have been following Apple for a while, which you really do if you are a regular CallingAllGeeks Reader, you would know that Apple refreshes the product line once every year with new and better specs but maintains the previous price point. Likewise, iPad 2’s prices remain unchanged.

Ipad wifi

Ipad2 att

Ipad2 verizon

Original iPad is on sale however until stocks last.

Accelerometer & Gyrometer:

While the original iPad did have an accelerometer it lacked a three axis gyro. Obviously, the latter was seen in only after mid 2010 in iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. The original iPad, being released early 2010, had missed it. While we don’t see great uses of it in motion gaming(who shakes and tilts a nine inch tablet enough to steer a car or a boat) there can be other practical uses of the hardware in apps.

New Apps exclusive to iPad 2:

There are two new iPad applications which will come preinstalled on the iPad 2 once it hits the stores on March 2nd. The two apps FaceTime and PhotoBooth obviously won’t come to the original iPad due to the lack of a camera. Though we’ve seen hackers enabling FaceTime on iPad 1 to receive video and voice chat.

Apple ipad 2 comparison 3

In all probability the PhotoBooth app will also come to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G too, unless the GPU on these is not capable enough to handle the rendering. In that case we’ll see in on iPhone 5 in June.

Apple ipad 2 comparison 2

HDMI Output for Video Mirroring:

iPad 2 supports video mirroring. Just get the $39 HDMI adapter and hook it up to your HDTV. All apps work out of the box. The 30-pin to HDMI adapter allows you to simultaneously charge the iPad and output video to HDTVs or projectors with HDMI ports.

Apple ipad 2 comparison 1

Perfect for making that college or office presentation, right! The power packed GPU on iPad 2 lets you output upto 1080p. Delightful, isn’t it.

So, I believe I’ve done a little more than scratching just the surface of the iPad 2 here. We’ll be back with a comprehensive review as soon as we lay our hands upon this “magical” device. We’ll find out then if 2011 will really be the year of iPad. As of now, we have a feeling it will.

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