iPad 2 Gets Facetime along with Front Facing Camera

Those who have been waiting for iPad 2 must have expected it to come with some new features and one widely expected feature is Facetime. iPad 2 is finally announced with Front facing camera and Facetime.

Using iPad 2 Facetime you can make video calls to another iPad, iPad to iPhone and iPad to mac. Apple is going to keep the same price for iPad 2 as iPad. (See iPad 2 price). Facetime for Mac was launched some time back and now it’s available with the price tag of $0.99.

Those who are new to Facetime, it will let you make free video calls to other iOS device like iPhone, Mac and now iPad over Wi-fi or 3g connection free of charge.  For old iPad users, you can install Facetime on jailbroken iPad using ifacetime.

We have already covered some great Facetime tutorials for beginners and if you have missed any of them, you can refer to:

Do let us know if iPad 2 Facetime feature will tempt you to buy and iPad 2 or not? Also check out what’s new in iPad 2.