Invisibility App for the iPad 2

The interest in the subject of invisibility has always been in our head, being able to be not visible is truly awesome. But, we also know that this is something that cannot be achieved, as far as I know. Well, in case you own an Apple iPad 2 then you could probably check out what this Invisibility app is all about. Invisibility App for iPad 2 will not turn your iPad invisible, as this will only create an illusion of invisibility.

Invisibility App for iPad 2 is only for when you’re super duper bored and want to show them some iPad Magic.

Give your iPad 2 the stunning illusion of invisibility. Its screen can behave like transparent glass. As you move your iPad, you and your friends will swear you’re seeing through it to a table top or floor underneath, or even into a fanciful virtual world.

After reading that, I’m sure you’d want to try this app out. This app makes use of your iPad 2 camera and then using it’s gyroscopes and what not makes the display look like a see-through surface. Just take a picture of a colored table, bed, the nature and any other interesting surface using the Invisibility app. Once done, you’ll need to place your iPad on that surface and pinch, zoom and adjust the image to the surface so that it looks like the image taken is just a continuity of the surface. Now go over to your homescreen and start rubbing it away using your fingers, you’ll gradually start seeing the image appear behind. When you move the iPad, the image stays stationary and makes it look like you’re actually seeing through the display.

Of course, you may realize after some time that there is going to be a lot of difference between the two images since the iPad 2 camera isn’t that great. This new technology is known as Pantomime technology and as mentioned before uses the Gyroscope and accelerometers to make all of that happen. If you’re still confused by what the heck all this is about then you should check the video after the break;

This here is one of those technologies that are still under development, like the head-tracking app we told you about. Hence, you may not experience the best when using this on your iPad, don’t blame me, because it’s your fault you’re not good at taking pictures. You’ll need to upgrade your iPad 2 to iOS 4.3.3 for the Invisibility shield to be working properly.