Intel Bids Farewell Its LGA 1366 CPU in form of Fastest Core i7 995X

It was not surprising but a bit expected when we came to know Intel has plans to release its new Extreme Edition  processor Core i7 995X, an LGA 1366 CPU.  Though a release date has not yet been declared but there are speculations about its arrival on some day in third quarter of 2011 with a price tag of $ 999 .


This news is important in many perspectives as Intel was feeling worried  about  its kingship after the ominous news of  advent of AMD’s  Bulldozer processors. Perceiving the challenge and the looming danger Intel put forth news of its turn in the CPU war  in form of an enthusiast LGA 1366 CPU.  Besides Intel also has plan in fourth quarter of 2011 its first LGA  2011,  build on high performance Sandy Bridge-E architecture and Intel X79 Express chipset. So Core i7 995X would be last of LGA 1366 CPU.

Anyways, Core i7 995X Extreme Edition CPU will have six processing cores and will be built using 32nm Gulftown architecture,12MB of shared L3 cache memory,operating frequency 3.6GHz,reaching a maximum of 3.86Ghz with Turbo Boost enabled. Other specifications are Core i7 990X such as 6.4GT/s QPI link, AVX and SSE 4.2 instruction support and a tri-channel DDR3-1066 integrated memory controller.

Intel as considering plans of its 10 core processor launch seems to satisfy all type of users like a good king.