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twitter-logo_000.jpegA lot of my friends use facebook status updates, most are either not aware of Twitter or its the complacency getting used to yet another service. Most are in the dilemma whether that constant need to tweet will take over there lives.

On the contrary, I wonder why people use facebook status updates when they can do it on twitter. After all, Tweets are much more flexible and gives you a wider reach. There’s a whole new phenomenon where Twitter is being used as a mini search engine (It actually indexes quickly than Google)

With this thought, let me introduce some services through which you can integrate your twitter updates to sync with your facebook status.

Twitter to Facebook

  1. TweetSync -lets you sync your Twitter tweets with your Facebook status. You can specify how the app would do the synching either when you include a keyword on your Tweet,  sync ALL Tweets, sync ALL Tweets except for Tweets with keywords you specify.
  2. Selective Twitter Status – also lets you update your Facebook status from your Twitter profile but you can select only the Tweets that you want to show in your Facebook status. You do this by ending your Tweet with “#fb”.
  3. @Tweeter – lets you post new tweets on from your Facebook home page. It works both ways – post new tweets from Facebook and update Facebook status whenever you Tweet.
  4. Twittervision – aside from letting you share your Twitter status to your Facebook friends, this app also lets you share your location, by Twittering “L:” + location.
  5. Twitter Score – lets you rank your Twitter profile by your different Twitter page stats.
  6. Grazr Twitter Reader -lets you browse a Twitter social graph starting with any individual Twitter user.
  7. BlogIt – is not sole Twitter-related app, but it supports posting and sharing of content to your Twitter timeline.
  8. As Seen On – similar with BlogIT, it also allows you to link your Facebook profile page with your Twitter account.
  9. Web Presence – consolidates all your social networking profile including Twitter, into your Facebook profile page.
  10. fTwitter – makes your current Tweet as your Facebook status.

Facebook to Twitter

  1. Twitter – this is your standard Facebook app for updating your Twitter through Facebook.  The app was made by the Twitter folks themselves.
  2. Twitter Updater – automatically post your status from Facebook to Twitter whenever you change your Facebook status.
  3. @Tweeter – lets you post new tweets on from your Facebook home page. It works both ways – post new tweets from Facebook and update Facebook status whenever you Tweet.

Article by Vaibhav Kanwal

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  • GarciaM25 February 1, 2010, 6:37 am

    TweetSync is now Yakket (as far as I can tell – the link posted goes straight to Yakket and is not working anymore….), but that is the winner for syncing Twitter status updates on Facebook! I’ve tried the Twitter app on Facebook, that doesn’t work, Tweeter didn’t pick it up, but Yakket sure does the trick!!!

    Thanks for the info