Inside the Fake Apple Store in China [Video]

Last week, a certain American blogger ended up somewhere in China and came across an Apple Store. Baffled with finding an Apple Store in such a location, the blogger entered the store to find out a little more about an Apple product. But, as she looked around a little more closely at the products, something dawned on her. We did tell you about the super FAKE Apple Store that was discovered in China last week and now there’s a complete video of the inside of the store.

Things like this create a lot of buzz, specially if they are about fake Apple Stores. Faking a complete store requires lot of guts and brain power, I truly respect this guy, the owner or the designer. If you’ve checked out the photos of the fake store then you’d probably know what I’m talking about. In this video, rather a News Report, the employees are being interviewed and asked about the store. According to the report, this store gets a lot of customers and some of them don’t even realize that the products being sold there are fake.

There aren’t many Apple Stores in China, but there are a lot of people over there, who don’t have iPhones and are sad. The owner however, still wants to convince everyone that the products sold here are real and not fakes. He also stated that he has applied to get Authorization from Apple to run a real Apple Store. Also check out other famous fakes from China;

Here’s the full video report, watch and enjoy as the employees and even the owner hide their faces and talk to the camera.

Apple has taken action against such fake stores and all of them, how many ever there are, will be shut down soon enough.