Increase Your Browser Speed with ChromeLite Extension

At present, when you search something on Google or any other search engine you will be presented with a content that consists of texts, images and videos. For people who’re on slower broadband connections or on dial-ups will not enjoy waiting for web pages with heavy flash and other media content to load. Also, if you’re from the past, a time traveler perhaps, you won’t enjoy all that media/flash content on certain webpages. It could be just too flashy for you to digest.

This Google Chrome extension brings back to life the days when the internet consisted of pages in just HTML and no media, when things were fast being simple. The extension known as ChromeLite, speeds up your browser heavily and makes the whole browsing experience look like that of an ASCII terminal. This is a very useful extension, if for a brief period of time you’d want to increase spend and browse in the old fashioned way with lots of speed and only text.

According to the Chromium Blog:

ChromeLite dramatically simplifies the user experience of web browsing by rendering the entire web in plain text. Users won’t have to worry about various media codecs and browser plug-ins to view much of the content on the web today. Preliminary analysis by our top-notch security team also suggests that running ChromeLite reduces your susceptibility to targeted exploits on the web by removing a popular attack surface: color.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, why don’t you get this speed extension and try it out for yourself. It could get boring, but yes it is fun for a geek to see things in an anti-modern manner, rid of all those images and media. Of course, you can disable this extension by just going to Tools>Extensions, but I’m pretty sure one would enjoy using this extension now and then.

Download and install the ChromeLite extension from the Extension Library.

[ Source: Chromium Blog ]