Impress Your Friends with 2 Cool Android Apps

Most of the smartphones available in the market are somewhat same when gauged in terms of hardware. The factors that make a smartphone cool are the apps that are being installed on it, apps that make your phone a kind of a non-stop train.

Android users can make their smartphones a real fun-filled device because of Google’s liberal approach towards the Android marketplace. You can find various types of apps on marketplace having unusual characteristics and features. I have compiled a list of some very interesting and innovative apps that will definitely increase the coolness factor of your Android phone.


Light Grid for Android UI

Adding a ‘static wallpaper’ to a smartphone using its built-in GUI is a bit old thing now, with the advancement in smartphone hardware capabilities developers thought that wallpapers should be more dynamic. So most of the Android phones available in the market these days come equipped with Live Wallpapers but the ones that will surely impress your friends are available on Android marketplace.

Light Grid for Android is a wallpaper based app that can be configured easily, wallpapers in the app are based on multi-colored tiles grids that shift their positions randomly. Moreover, these tiles also respond to the touch of users in real-time.

Carr Matey

Carr Matey User iterface

Almost all the Android Phones available in the market come equipped with pretty useful geo-location apps like Google Map. But if you really want to show the geolocation capabilities of your phone to your friends then Carr Matey is the app that you should install on your Android Phone.

Carr Matey Harbor

The app basically has a built-in pirate theme that marks the location of parking spot of your car. The idea behind this app is that if you have parked your car in a place like a busy shopping mall or in concert parking then possibility is that you might forget the location of your car and eventually “lose” it. Carr Matey app has a really nice touch to it with a graphical rich UI.

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