Imgur: Fantastic Way to Upload and Share Multiple Images

We need instant image sharing many times specially when we have to share screenshots. There is a lot of websites to share images online but there are many restrictions in most of the image sharing websites. Suppose we want to upload an image on TinyPic, we have to enter CAPTCHA code every time we upload an image. Besides most of the websites do not support multiple image upload and we have to upload images one by one. There are only few websites offer free and multiple image upload and they do not delete your images.


Make Your Images Attractive:

Imgur Easy and Lovely service for image sharing

Imgur is a website with which you can upload multiple file either from your computer or from specified internet URL. The upload is fine and never been interrupted. We can also resize uploaded image according to our needs. The user interface of this website is attractive and it uses flash version as default which shows the upload progress bar. You can also switch to HTML version if your browser does not support flash version.

Top Features of Imgur Image Sharing service

  • Upload image file without any hassle such as CAPTCHA
  • Upload multiple image files
  • Upload image from image file URL
  • Allows you to use direct link of image for website layout
  • Nice flash interface
  • Image custom resize option
  • Meet the large community of Imgur by browsing uploaded images
  • Direct image bookmarking options such as Twitter,Digg,Facebook,Reddit etc.

Website Homepage

So if you use image sharing, don’t forget to give a chance to Imgur and share your experience.