IM+ Video App: Video Call your Facebook friends from iPhone

It’s been almost two months now that the developers behind IM+, SHAPE, promised to launch a video chat application for iOS devices that could call Facebook contacts. And although, it’s taken somewhat longer than expected to be launched, IM+ Video App is  finally available for download now.

What’s so special about this instant messaging application? Well, it’s the ability to make video calls with your Facebook contacts. Yup, that’s one of most interesting features of this app, apart from the ability to also make audio calls, share pictures and videos with your buddies. It uses Facebook connect to pull in all your contacts and lets you video chat and also chat normally. It’s certainly better than good old Facebook app then, having all the features that the former currently doesn’t have.

There aren’t many apps around that can accomplish similar tasks such as the IM+ Video app. There have been attempts, such as TinyChat Video who tried their best and kind of made it work. But that was too complicated for a normal user to understand and really very slow with lots of lag in audio and video.

The IM+ Video app brings the regular blue colored theme that all the other IM+ apps have and thus makes it clean and nice to look at. When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to connect via Facebook, enter your username and password and Allow the app to connect. Once that’s done, your friends will appear in a list and you can just select one to either place a call or chat.

When you make a video call, the person will receive a message that would redirect him/her to the SHAPE services website and they’ll be connected to the call. If any of your friends want to call you directly from Facebook then they’d have to use the word ‘ /call’ during a chat. We haven’t tested the video or audio quality, but user reviews say that they’re experience so far has been quite good.

You can download the IM+ Video App from the App Store for free. Try it out and let us know what you think of it. It’s certainly a good alternative to the Facebook app. Plus you can change the theme of the app. WoW!!