Huawei Press Event: Future Plans and Strategies

Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company has a very bright future in India, at least that’s what professionals suggest. It’s most likely that a something of this sort will happen in the coming years as Huawei plans to launch some new products for the Indian market that is certainly going to help them achieve what they plan.


Few days ago, Huawei conducted a very lavish Press Release that we were invited to. The event was of a highly sophisticated nature and was mostly attended by all those major Business heads, Journalists, Press and other Media guys. The Huawei Y Generation devices event took place at the Oberoi Hotel in Delhi and we got the chance to attend the Press Release live. We were there when Huawei announced their plans to capture the mobile device market in India with the launch of three new devices.

Huawei Smartphone PR

They plan on having at least 15% share of the Indian smartphone market to themselves in the coming next year and they are actually working very hard to achieve this. At present they’ve managed to sell about 100 million cell phones, and have a net asset of $28 billion. Their main focus is India is the cheap smartphone sector, which they want to be a leading part of, in the Top 5 brands they say. Huawei claims that they can achieve this target, since they are already the No. 1 brand in the world when it comes to mobile broadband devices. Huawei was also the first to launch an LTE device in Europe. By investing $2 Billion in the Indian market, Huawei has stepped up and taken a bold action even though the name is not a familiar one when it comes to mobile phones. The main competitor for Huawei in India will be Micromax, which has been successfully in selling cheap priced feature phones.

These three newly launched smartphones, about which I’ll be covering in the coming posts, are mainly aimed towards the student mass, first time jobbers, small town people and also the modern spoilt brats who like to carry more than 2 mobile phones for unknown purposes. The phones are all priced below INR 14,ooo and pack in some really nice features.

Where do you believe Huawei will be in the coming 3-5 years? Would you buy a Huawei smartphone, feature packed yet cheaply priced!!

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