HTML5 Test for Mobile Browsers

The HTML5 is one of the most promising upcoming standards. It has been faring very well against Flash and I am largely in favor of it. Niels Leenheer has come up with a new site that tells you approximately how well your browser renders HTML5.

The html5test assorts your browser a score upto 160, based on whether or not it supports the new features of HTML5. The test is not fully complete yet and is under development as of now.

Apart from the total score, the test also shows exactly which feature is supported and groups the results into easy to compare sections. Ideal for developers wanting to keep track of the capabilities of the browsers they develop for. In fact, the whole test started out just as a small internal tool for doing just that.

I tested the Safari and Opera Mini browser on my iPhone 4.0. The screenshots reveal a 14/160 score for Opera Mini and 134/160 for Mobile Safari in the tests I ran on my device.

More mobile browser scores from the Niels:

The tests are grouped into:

  • Doctype
  • Canvas
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Geolocation
  • Storage
  • Offline Web Applications
  • Workers
  • Section elements
  • Grouping content elements
  • Text-level semantic elements
  • Forms
  • User interaction

For, testing your browser head over to html5test

So, how well did your browser perform? Time to switch browsers or are you already using the best out there? Let us know.

6 thoughts on “HTML5 Test for Mobile Browsers”

  1. I would be very glad, if you could publish the details of the test and the scoring. I am trying to figure out which parts of HTML5 the next Mobile Safari will support, but I have to access to a iOS 4 beta.

  2. Rajat – Where did you find the “The Results for Phones” table shown in the last screenshot?

  3. Has anyone tried Firefox on Android. I just did and it scored an impressive 207, which is actually higher then Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4 beta on my windows PC

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