HP TouchPad Can Now Dual-boot WebOS & Android 2.3.5 [Video]

Looks like the abandoned HP TouchPad is going to have a bright future after all. HP decided to stop production of the HP TouchPad and stop development on it’s operating system for tablets and mobile phones, the webOS. Soon after, the TouchPad received huge discounts on it’s selling price, dipping as low as $99. People took that opportunity to get themselves a feel of the webOS and the TouchPad.

Hence, developers set out to find a solution for the problem that was the webOS. Sooner or later, it will turn out to be hindrance and the TouchPad’s more than decent hardware due to no updates and service. The team’s most important task was to make a Custom Android build run on the HP Touchpad. And they were successful at it, however, nothing seemed to be working, not even the touchscreen.

We recently showed you the video of the RootWikiz team from the TouchDroid project showing you the CyanogenMod 7 boot on the TouchPad. And already, they’ve successfully achieved the ability to dual-boot both of the operating systems. Dual-booting is an important factor when you’re trying to run a non- compatible OS on a device. If something goes wrong, which is bound to happen, you can boot in to WebOS and try out some other build.

That’s what has been accomplished today by the developers of the ” target=”_blank”>RootWikiz team. Here’s what they said;

We have dual boot working as you can see in the video. It can boot both android + webos. At the moment we are utilizing one kernel for both OS’s. This may change in the future. You may ask why? Simple answer is we don’t have units to spear to science. Many of the developers working on this, Do Not Have Units. And the Few that do once they brick we have to wait on HP to repair them. (which will only slow development)

I’m not going to keep you waiting, so here’s the video of HP Touch Dual-booting WebOS and Android.

If you own a TouchPad? Then it’s time you were really happy about it!!