How To Open and Play MCG Files

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You may not be aware of the .mcg file format. Don’t worry even I wasn’t till yesterday. It is something different from the popular .mpg file-format. But the amazing thing is, even it is used for storing audio & video files. MCG File-format is a Compressed CD+G┬áKaraoke File. But it is also used as a DX-Client Backup File. It is widely used for storing CCTV Footages. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) used along with CCTV Cameras records the footages & saves it in the .mcg format. There are 3 methods with which you can Open & Play an .mcg file.

PC Viewr D6 Series – Freeware

PC Viewr D6
PC Viewr Playing .MCG files

PC Viewr D6 Series is developed by PFileDescription & it can be used to run a file with the extension .mcg. You just need to download it using the link given at the end of this para, install it and Open your .mcg file. You’ll notice that the player has functionalities like Play, Pause, Forward, Back, etc. similar to an ordinary Media Player like VLC. It offers you two modes to open your .mcg file i.e. Either a file from your HDD or a file hosted on a server. <LINK>

Striking Features

  • Backup/Record in .AVI format
  • Capture in .BMP Format
  • Zoom Function
  • Normal Media Functions (i.e. Play, Pause, Reverse & Forward Playback, Jump back/forward, etc.)

So I hope with PC Viewr D6 you won’t be having any difficulties in Opening a .MCG File.

Have you faced this problem ? If yes, which Software you used to open the file ??

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