How to View Flash Content on your Apple Devices?

Apple devices have been suffering with no flash support since long time from now, but this never affected the company’s sales or the market domination at all. But it does trouble the users a bit, with the missing Adobe flash plug-ins.

But do you still wish to watch Flash video on your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone? Then here is the solution. There are a couple of apps to enable flash support on your Apple devices, thanks to some server-side Flash-to-H.264 transcoding, though you won’t get Flash games or Flash apps.

Check out some of the web browser apps to enable flash videos on ur iPad and iPhone.



SkyFire is available with its new version 3.0 and its support for Flash has been improving with every release. The app boasts about smoother video playback and because they proxy the content it could save your time and bandwidth (especially for those using low 3G data caps). It’s not a universal app so you’ll have to buy it twice if you want it on both iPhone/iPod touch and the optimized version for iPad. The app also provides other features like social integration and private browsing modes.





iSwifter has been around for the past few months in the form of an app that could play a few flash based games. But the new version of the application gets support for streaming flash videos as well from sites like Ted Talks, MUZU, JamboTV Sports, Green.TV, Aol, Facebook, Kongregate and more.

iSwifter is available for only iPad with some games available for purchase inside the app.

Source: TiPb