How to Use your MacBook as a Wi-fi Router

When we compare MacBook and Windows, MacBook is anytime better than windows because of it’s features and hardware. Though if you are switching from Windows to Mac system, initially you will find lots of issue getting used to Mac system but as soon as you get hold of Mac, you will never go back to your Windows system again.

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In this tutorial I will be talking about how you can use your Macbook as Router. You can connect your Mobile handset or iPod Touch to use Internet using Mac system or any other device with Wi-fi compatibility.

How to Turn Mac into Wi-fi Router:

Go to System Preferences and click on sharing:

Macbook As Router

Select Internet Sharing. Now you can share any source of internet over wi-fi. For example, ethernet modem or USB modems like Tata Photon Plus or Reliance NetConnect. Under Share Your Connection From select the source. I have selected Reliance ZTE modem and shared it to other computers using Airport.

Once you have selected the above options select the checkbox beside Internet Sharing Option and then on the pop-up box that comes up click Start:

Mac Internet Sharing
You can also change Airport settings such as Wi-fi network name or protecting the network with a password so that others don’t use your connection. Just click on the Airport Options in the bottom right corner and adjust the settings as desired.

Setting Mac router Config

Now, you can share any internet connection with your iPod Touch, iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphones with wi-fi enabled. If you have any questions feel free to ask via comments.

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2 thoughts on “How to Use your MacBook as a Wi-fi Router”

  1. Hi guys
    Followed the instructions and my iPad and iPhone can see the network. I have put in the password to allow joint the network which they do But they will not connect to the Internet.
    What am I doing wrong?

  2. how many devices can connect to the macbook using this?
    I am using the same method, however all apple devices (2 ipads and 1 iphone) are able to connect to this network and use internet, however my friends using a windows based notebook are not able to connect. do you know why?

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