How to Use USB Internet on PlayStation 3

Recently, I bought PlayStation 3 and as I played more and more, I got to know about to PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store. They interested me. Then I tried connecting my USB internet with the PlayStation 3 because my modem internet was not anywhere near the PlayStation 3.

But, I wasn’t able to connect the USB internet on my PS 3. After days of searching about it, I finally got the solution. There was a need of configuring my netbook’s network settings. I just felt that many people required such a tutorial and that’s why I have come up with this post.

Materials Required: LAN Wire, USB Internet, Netbook or Laptop, PlayStation 3

Note: This tutorial has been practiced on Windows 7.


1. Open Control Panel and search for Network and Sharing Center. Open it.
2. Click on the name of the connection.
3. Click on Properties.
4. Click on “Sharing” tab.
5. Tick the first box and select “Wired Ethernet Connection” in the drop-down box.
6. Click on OK. Close the Properties box.


1. Switch on your system.
2. Go to “Settings”.
3. Find “Network Settings”.
4. Click on “Internet Connection Test”.

It will then search for the required information and your internet would be connected.

You may need to update your PlayStation 3 to 3.72 version to sign up on PlayStation Network and use the online features of the games. That’s all what you require to do. Adding internet to PlayStation 3 makes your whole PS experience a lot more better and awesome. You can create hundreds of friends using PlayStation Network and if you have the PlayStation Eye(Motion Sensor for PlayStation Move), you can also video chat with your friends adding a lot of fun.

If you have any problem, you may use the comments to tell me about the problem. I will try my best to solve them and bring the best experience to you.

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