How to Use Task Scheduling in Windows XP

What is task scheduling

If we want to run an application automatically at a specific time then it is called task scheduling. Suppose we want to play a mp3 file at 5:03 pm automatically then we can schedule this mp3 file play for this time.

How it works

Scheduling an application or any file is an easy to do work in Windows XP and it can be done in only few steps. Here is a little demo to show how schedule task option works.

  • First locate the schedule task option by doing this

start menu > control panel > scheduled tasks. You can also locate by typing following command in win explorer bar c:\windows\tasks\


  • Here right mouse click and select “new >scheduled task”
  • Now you can customize the task settings. First browse the file to schedule


  • Then set execution or playing frequency,time and day then apply settings. All done now your scheduled application or media file will work at the specified time automatically


  • You can also set stop time or duration of application run



You must set the Windows log on user account password otherwise task scheduling will not work.

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