How To: Use iTunes/App Store Promo Codes

Apple Coupon code

So many times you must have come across iTunes and App Store Promotional Codes. If you did not know what to do with them or how to redeem them, this guide will tell you just that. Promotional codes may be used by artists and developers to provide free copied of their work to others as personal gifts or for promotional activities.

The promotional codes work only in the US Store. So if you don’t have one, you will need to create one first. Don’t worry if you reside in some other country. You can still create a free US Store based account without a credit card requirement. Once you are done creating the account you will be able to purchase free apps and also redeem promotional codes.

How to Redeem app Promo Code

Open iTunes. Head to iTunes Store. Now you can either click on “Redeem” on the right sidebar or on the footer at the bottom. If you find difficulty locating the button, take a look at our screenshots.


Alternatively, you can follow our direct link to the redeem page which will open up in iTunes automatically.

Redeeming App promo code on iPhone

Click on App Store. Once the App loads head to Featured and scroll down to bottom where you will see the Redeem button. Click on that and enter your code on the next page and hit Redeem again.

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