How to use FaceTime over 3G or EDGE with FaceBreak [Cydia]

Even though FaceTime works just fine over 3G or EDGE, Apple chose not to allow it. FaceTime is designed to work over wi-fi only. Apple chose it to ensure consistent call quality and also because carriers might hate to have so much load on bandwidth. So here’s a Cydia tweak to use FaceTime calls over 3G, EDGE or GPRS.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you need to make sure that FaceTime works fine for you over Wi-fi. If you haven’t setup FaceTime yet or you are facing problems making FaceTime calls using wi-fi follow these guides:

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If you normally try making a FaceTime call without wi-fi it will obviously not work and fail with the error as shown below.

Facetime not working without wifi

So, we are going to get FaceBreak, a paid application(costs $1.99) in Cydia that allows making FaceTime calls without wifi.

FaceBreak Alternatives to use FaceTime without wifi:

There is one more Application in Cydia which helps do this. It is called 3G Unrestrictor. Even though it can be used for a lot other purposes as compared to FaceBreak, we still chose to go with FaceBreak for this tutorial as it is cheaper. 3G Unrestrictor costs $3.99 in the Cydia Store.

How to Install FaceBreak:

Launch Cydia and Search for FaceBreak. It is available via the BigBoss Repo, which is present in Cydia by default.

Use facetime over 3g with facebreak from cydia 2 Use facetime over 3g with facebreak from cydia 4

Like we mentioned before, FaceBreak is priced at $1.99 and the price is worth it if you have a decent 3G network which can support video calling. After you have purchased click on Install and respring your iPhone after installation is done.

I have tested FaceTime over 3G as well as EDGE with AirTel(India) and though it has a little lag at times I have been able to both send and receive FaceTime calls without any problems.

How to use FaceTime over 3G with FaceBreak:

FaceBreak does not have an icon. To use it go to Settings > FaceBreak and make sure FaceTime over 3G is set to ON.

Use facetime over 3g with facebreak from cydia 5

That’s it! Now switch off your Wi-fi and try making some FaceTime calls. When using FaceTime without wi-fi you will momentarily see a “FaceBreak over 3G on” message just like the screenshot below, indicating that FaceBreak is working properly.

Use facetime over 3g with facebreak from cydia 6

If you do not have anyone available to test FaceTime with do not worry. You can use our guide to Test FaceTime calls yourself using a Mac. If you are worried about how much data FaceTime calls will consume, you should read our previous post on FaceTime data usage.

Do let us know how FaceTime video calling works on your 3G network!