How to Use BootCamp to Install Windows XP OS in MACBook Pro

I’m a windows and macBook user and I have one Dell inspiron 14″ and 1 MacBook Pro. Finally I decided to completely do a shift to Mac system but I have many softwares which are windows based and many of them doesn’t have Mac version.
One option was to install Windows on my Mac using Parallels software which let you run any version of Windows inside. Or we can use BootCamp to install Windows as a different operating system and this will give your system a dual boot. So you will have an option to boot on your Mac System or on Windows.
I’m outlining the important steps which you can use to Install Windows as a separate OS on your Mac machine using BootCamp.

On your Mac OS, run Bootcamp Assistant:

bootcamp assistant

Windows Partition size:

Click on continue and give the size to your Windows Partitioning. Depending on your usage of Windows and Mac, you can make changes by dragging the size column

Click on Partition and Boot Camp assistant will create one partition for Windows. Now Insert an authenticated CD of windows OS which you want to install on your MacBook.

After that process is straight forward. You should know how to Install Windows OS and once your Windows is installed and you booted on Windows OS, insert Mac OS X install CD, to install drivers for your Windows OS on Mac.


While booting up keep pressing option button to see dual boot option. After long press option button, you will be able to select OS between Mac and Windows.

I hope this tutorial will help many Mac users who are looking forward to Install Windows on their MacBook. If you have any question regarding this, ask in our Support forum.

8 thoughts on “How to Use BootCamp to Install Windows XP OS in MACBook Pro”

  1. Why bother with bootcamp and rebooting your Mac. Why not just use a free tool like virtualbox and use windows and OS X side-by-side?

  2. using virtual systems have several limitations. we use both methods for various applications depending on the requirements.

  3. Well, unless you’re playing graphics heavy games or doing some kind of heavy video editing, I think going virtual will work for you.

  4. Harsh, I was trying to as about illegal windows (not purchased from microsoft). Can i install using bootcamp?

  5. @yousuf
    duh! yes you can. whether or not you will be able to get updates and validate depends on your serial. same as on a pc. no difference.

  6. I used VMWare to install my windows, it serves it’s function the same, except it runs within MAC OS. I like it!

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