How to Turn Off Startup Applications on Mac

There might be some programs you installed on your Mac which start up automatically every time you switch on your Mac. For example, Skype or Hotspot Shield. We don’t need each of those to start up by itself at login and here’s a simple way to disable them.

Ease of use is the best part about Mac’s operating System. Most operations are intuitive and a few clicks via simple interfaces are all that take to configure the Mac. That’s one of many reasons why we love the Mac computers.

Here are the steps to disable apps from starting up automatically at login:

Head to System Preferences and click on Accounts.


Click on the Login Items Tab as shown in the screenshot.


Here you can find a list of Apps which currently start automatically every time. The ones that have the checkbox selected are ones which start but hide themselves. For example, iTunes Helper is not seen by the user when he starts up.


To delete an app from starting up automatically, select the App and click on the Minus(-) button. You can always add them again by clicking on Plus(+) button or start Apps manually.

In the example here as you can see for yourself, I have disabled PdaNet and Hotspot Shield from starting automatically at login.

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