How to Test Read & Write Speed of your USB Flash on a Graph

To gauge the optimal read & write speed of your USB Flash drive sometimes become a hassle because there is a lack of requisite tools and softwares on the internet. Normally the data transfer rate varies drastically during our operations on the PC, sometimes you will observer a data rate of almost 25 MB and in some instances it might drop down to almost 2 MB.

I guess that checking the optimum potential of the read & write speed of your flash drive is quite worth doing because this process can determine that what other PC processes running at back end are hampering your flash drive read & write process. So recently I tried a very useful application that will very much solve this issue, have a brief look at it:

USBFlashSpeed App Features

To be precise, USBFlashSpeed is a minuscule portable application that provides you with an interface to directly test the read and write speed of USB with different data sizes. It has various tests that calculates the write & read with levels ranging from 1KB to 15MB. The data for both the read & write speed is plotted in real-time on a graph.

How to Use USBFlashSpeed?  Benchmark result

You have to select the USB drive from the applications drop-down menu and just click on the Benchmark button to start testing the read and write speed of your flash drive. A graph will also be generated automatically that will show you detailed graphical and numerical data about the read & write speed. On the graph, the read rate is displayed as a Green line whereas the write rate is displayed as a red line. The result generation can take almost upto 20 minutes and you can’t cancel the test during its running.

Once the application is done with the testing, an automatic URL is generated that will give details of the entire test on the application’s developer website. A summarized version of the entire benchmarking results that is displayed on the website shows the information like USB’s manufacturer’s name, USB model, serial number along with the main constituent i.e. read and write speed of the USB. For the comparison, read and write speeds of different USB’s are displayed for comparison.

The application USBFlashSpeed works well on all the version of Windows. Try it out and Let us know in comments about this applications usability.