How to Take Screenshots in Mac OS X

Mac OS X has this great ability of working right out of the box. This tutorial will show you how to take screenshots of the whole screen or a part using in built keyboard shortcuts in your Mac. Absolutely no need to download additional tools.

Unlike Windows, there is no Printscreen on Mac Keyboards. Another advantage is that by default the screen shot is saved in a file and not just copied to clipboard like Windows. These things really make Mac win. You should also read why else I prefer Mac over Windows.

If you take a lot of screenshots you should also like Desktop Curtain for Mac, which will provide a clean clutter free background picture or single colour. No need to hide desktop icons while taking screenshots.

This tutorial works for all Macs be it the Macbook Pro or the iMac.

Taking Screenshots on Mac:

Whenever you need to capture an image of the screen use the following two keyboard shortcuts:

Command-Shift-3: Pressing these three buttons will capture the whole screen.

Taking screenshots in mac os x 2

Command-Shift-4: This will show a crosshair on your screen, which you can drag to capture any specific part of the screen.

Press Space after pressing Command-Shift-4 to turn crosshair into a camera, which you can use to capture a specific window, menu, dock etc.

Take Screenshots in Mac

Screenshots Save Location & File Name:

By default the screenshots will be saved on your desktop in .PNG format. The time and date of screen capture is included since Snow Leopard. You can see the file naming structure in the following screenshot.

Taking screenshots in mac os x 1

Copying Screenshot to Clipboard:

If you want to directly copy screenshot to clipboard and not save it in a file you can press Control key additionally while using any of the two shortcuts above.

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