How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy tab

We just received Samsung Galaxy tab in our headquarter for the review and we have been playing with it since then. So far my experience with galaxy tab is very pleasant and will com up with my review soon. Though before that I will keep sharing some tips and tricks for Galaxy tab users and in this quick tip, I will be sharing how you can take screenshot using Samsung galaxy tab.

Like iPhone, you don’t need a software to take screenshot, simply hold the back button and press the power button once. This will take the screenshot of current screen and image will be saved under Gallery > Screen capture.

Here is one screenshot which I have taken using Samsung galaxy tab:


Oh yes, you will get a prompt saying “Screen captured, saved as image file”. This a quick tip for all who are using Galaxy tab and want to take screenshot of their tab screen to share with friends or for reviews.

If you have any tip which you would like to share for Samsung galaxy tab, drop us an Email at [email protected].