How to Take Backup of Bookmarks in Internet Browsers

We can bookmark any web-page with our internet browsers such as Opera,Firefox,Internet Explorer etc. Page bookmarking option is available in every browser and with this feature we can keep our favorite webpages in browser memory. Most of internet browsers have a bookmarking button and by clicking this button we can easily bookmark a web-page url and can revisit anytime with this bookmark. Here is the ways to backup your bookmarks so that if you lose your bookmarks then you can restore.

Backup with Opera

Go to File > Import Export>Export Opera Bookmarks


Backup with Mozilla Firefox

Go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks >Import and Backup


Backup with Internet Explorer

Go to File > Import and Export > Import Favorites


Backup with Safari

In safari there is no direct option to save bookmarks but you can make backup of Application Data folder of Safari to make bookmarks backup

You can access this folder in document and settings >User >Application Data > Apple Computer > Safari > Here you will find a file named “Bookmarks.plist”. Copy this file and save this anywhere  instead of OS drive.


In-fact browser bookmarks are working like an address book for web urls and just like address book we should also keep a backup of browser bookmarks.