How to Setup Multiple iPhones using One Find my iPhone Account

We warned you about Apple’s limitation on the number of free Find my iPhone accounts that can be created on one device. But if you need to setup this service on your own iPhones or the ones in your family you don’t need to create another account. Track multiple iPhone or iPod Touch with the same account.

This guide applies to both the free Find my iPhone accounts as well as the premium MobileMe accounts.

Please note that in order to create and activate the free Find my iPhone service you will need a latest generation iOS device which includes the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and the iPad with iOS 4.2 firmware. In case you try it on an older device you will get the following error.


But that’s no reason to worry. We will use an account created on iPhone 4 to activate our older iPhone 3G. Before we show you how to enable this service on multiple iPhones first read How to Set Up Free Find My iPhone on iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G/iPad.

Now you can use this account to locate more than one iPhones and iPods. As you can see in the following screenshot the same iPhone 3G now has Find My iPhone enabled.


There doesn’t seem to be a three device limit on this method. Even if there is a limit it would be a number larger than five for sure. Apple lays a permanent limit on the number of accounts created per device. You cannot create more accounts even if you delete the accounts already created. More details about this here.

So you should create a separate account only if you need to track the device separately. If the other device belongs to you or a family member you might as well use the same account for all of them. Save the remaining two account for later use. Luckily, the free Find my iPhone accounts do not have email, contacts or calendar info linked so you don’t stand the risk of having someone else read your emails.

How to track Multiple iPhones:

There are two ways of tracking multiple iPhones. You can use the browser on your computer or download a free iPhone app to use it from anyone’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

Here’s the full tutorial to locate using the iPhone app. I can confirm tracking multiple iPhones with one MobileMe account using this method.


Alternatively, head over to and login with your credentials. Every iPhone or other iOS Device will have its own map as shown in the following screenshots.


You can locate, wipe or lock any device as usual.


Let us know how you like this tutorial. Feel free to ask your questions via comments or CAG Help forum.

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  1. I was about to register my 5th device but it won’t let me — the switch to turn on “Find Me” is grayed out. Kind of frustrating because I have a lot of devices connected to one account; I don’t want to have to create new IDs just to be able to find them…

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