How to Search Old Tweets, 3 Great Twitter Search Tools

Twitter usually does not show tweets from over a week ago when you try the search on twitter homepage. But that doesn’t mean twitter has deleted them. There are several tools out there to help search old tweets. Let’s look at 3 such free twitter search tools to find old Tweets. You can also use Timehop app, which shows tweets which you posted exact one year back.

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You might want to search old tweets for various reasons. Sometimes you want to refer to something you tweeted in the past but forgot the link. So it might come handy as a bookmark for later use. You may also want to know what someone said previously about a particular topic on their twitter timeline/microblog.

3 Twitter Tools to find and Search old Tweets:



This is one of the most robust twitter search tools I have come across so far. Offers a very simple no-fuss interface to search anyone’s timeline for any term or phrase you want. Searchtastic will also give you the ability to export the twitter search results in the form of CSV spreadsheet.


snapbird-search old tweets.png

Call this the big daddy of Twitter Search. Not only does this tool help in searching old tweets very fast but also adds the ability to search through anyone’s favorites and also your sent and received DMs. For searching through DMs you will have to first authenticate using Twitter.



Bloggers should find this extremely useful. You can see all the recent tweets that link to any website URL including your own. Its mostly the same thing that a normal twitter search does unless you opt for the premium plan which offer deeper history and detailed twitter graphs. Look at an example search for CallingAllGeeks.

Apart from the above Topsy also deserves mention when it comes to searching old tweets.

I tried to add as many tools I could, which will help you to search your old twitter archive, and find old tweets. If you know more such twitter apps, feel free to let me know via comments.

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