How to Put iPhone or iPod Touch into Recovery Mode?

This tutorial will show you how to put any iOS device like iPhone or iPod touch into Recovery Mode. You can use Recovery Mode to restore your iPhone or update firmware if other methods fail.

Recovery Mode is different from DFU Mode. If that’s what you were looking for, please read How to Put iPhone into DFU Mode? If you are new user and do not know what these modes are please read iPhone Tip: Difference Between Recovery Mode and DFU Mode. Now proceeding with the current tutorial.

How to put iPhone into Recovery Mode:

Step 1: Turn off the iPhone. To do this press and hold the power button till you see the “Slide to Power off” screen. Now slide the button to turn it off.

In case your iPhone is stuck in an infinite loop and the previous option is unavailable, press and hold the Power and Home button till the screen goes off. Remember to leave both the buttons as soon as the screen goes off and before the Apple logo appears again.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone’s USB cable to your computer but not to your iPhone yet.

Step 3: Now hold down the Home button and while you are holding it connect the USB cable. Keep holding the Home button till you see the Connect to iTunes screen on your iPhone(Screenshot shown below). iTunes will show an alert saying a device in recovery mode has been detected.

iPhone recovery mode

Here’s what your iPhone screen will look like once its in the iPhone Recovery Mode.


How to Exit Recovery Mode:

Getting out of Recovery Mode is relatively simple. You may need to do this manually sometimes while updating firmware on your iPhone. Here’s what you need to do to exit Recovery mode.

Just press both the Home and Power button and hold them for ten seconds. Your phone should restart now and should be out of Recovery mode.

Exit Recovery Mode

Apart from iPhones, you can also use this tutorial to put iPod Touch into Recovery Mode or an iPad.

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