How to Prevent Google From saving Web History

Google is one of the most used services in the world today and despite all the great advantages it provides, a sour fact remains that Google monitors a lot of its users’ web activities. However, if you’re a careful web surfer, you can avoid this by taking a few simple steps with Google History. Google has different ways to monitor your web activities depending on if you’re signed in while searching or not.

When you’re signed in to your Google Account, One such way is the Web History which is used to personalize your searches. Follow the steps below to deactivate it so your search activities are not recorded by Google anymore:

Step 1. Go to the My Account page and click on the Web History link.


Step 2. Click on the Pause link on the left to pause your Web History function. Your search history will not be recorded any more until you resume the service.


If you are not signed in to your Google Account, even then you can turn off Web History function by doing the following:

Step 1. Do a Google Search and on the results page, click the Web History link on the top right corner.


Step 2. Click on Disable customizations based on search history link which will turn the feature off.


Another way you can do that is by manually clearing your browser’s cookies so that Google doesn’t have your previous search data to customize your search results.