How to Manually Unlock iPod Nano or Classic Without Password

The iPod Nano and iPod Classic can be locked with a 4 digit numeric password. A lot of times we forget this password or some kid accidentally locks the iPod without noticing the password. Here’s a quick solution to manually unlock iPod without password. You will not lose any music or other media files.

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If you have access to the computer with which the iPod was synced, then you can just connect the iPod to that computer and click on Sync to remove the iPod’s Password. That’s all. After sync the iPod should be unlocked.


However, if you don’t have immediate access to that particular computer here’s an alternative solution which works on both windows and Mac OS X. This solution works on both iPod Nano and iPod Classic but not for iPod Touch.

Steps to Remove iPod’s Password:

Step 1: When you connect your iPod to any computer the disk should appear in My Computer(windows) or Finder(Mac). Proceed to next step if it does. Else launch iTunes and Select Enable Disk Use & Manually Manage Music and select Sync. This will not erase any files and can be done on any computer.

Step 2: Enable viewing Hidden files on your computer. If you don’t know how to check out these guides:

Now Open the iPod Disk in Finder/Explorer and goto iPod Control > Device and delete the file “_Locked” and eject iPod.

Voila! Your iPod should now be unlocked with all the music and photo files intact.

If it still doesn’t work just restart your iPod by pressing the Select and Center buttons until you see the Apple logo.

Don’t buy any professional software to unlock your iPod as all the apps out there use this same method. When you can do it yourself, why pay for it.