How to Manually Enable AirPrint on any Printer

AirPrint has truly been one of the best features in iOS 4.2. In case you still don’t know what AirPrint is, it is a wireless technology that lets you print any document from iPhone directly on compatible printers. But if you don’t want to purchase a new printer you can use this guide to use AirPrint with your existing printer.

If you have already configured AirPrint or own one of the AirPrint compatible Printers, you should read our Dummies Guide to Use AirPrint on iPhone.


Enable AirPrint on Windows:

Update iTunes to version 10.1 or above. Extract files downloaded from here and place them in a new folder called AirPrint in C:\\Program Files\\

Now run Command Prompt and type following two commands:

  • sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\\Program Files\\AirPrint\\airprint.exe -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto
  • sc.exe start AirPrint

If Windows Firewall pops up an alert click on Allow Access.

Enable AirPrint on Mac:

Make sure that your system is updated to latest Mac OS X 10.6.5

Download the AirPrint Activation files given here and copy them into following three specific system locations:

  • Copy file urftopdf to location /usr/libexec/cups/filter/
  • Copy file apple.convs to location /usr/share/cups/mime/
  • Copy file apple.types to location /usr/share/cups/mime/

Go to system preferences and delete your saved printer. Re-add any printers you want to share.

That’s it now your printer should be ready to be used with AirPrint. Read our Guide to use AirPrint on iPhone to proceed with printing wireless from any iOS device. LINK

As is obvious from above, you will have to keep the computer used for sharing, switched on while you are printing anything from your iOS device.

Feel free to ask any AirPrint or iOS related question via comments.

6 thoughts on “How to Manually Enable AirPrint on any Printer”

  1. I followed the steps to set up and start the service on a windows xp pro machine. The machine is connected to my network and has a printer hooked up to it. I share the printer to my families four laptops to print wireless. My iphone is saying no printers found. The windows firewall on the machine didn’t pop anything up when starting the service. Is there anything else I need to do to make the iphone see the printer?

    BTW – Thanks for your help and tweets.

  2. @Tim
    from what i understand you performed these steps on the machine to which printer is directly connected. the firewall may not produce an alert in case it is turned off. in my case firewall was off and kaspersky did not produce any issues. i tested these instructions on the same OS as you.

    let me know what you see on command prompt after executing the commands. apart from that, also go to users and enable guest account.

    And you’re welcome.

  3. Great step by step guide, however i found an app that makes all this very simple and it is called PrintBureau. It magically enables you to use Airprint to wifi printer directly without going via a computer. I am now printing to my Canon without any wires from Pages, Mail and lots of others!

  4. seems you are in luck as your printer can connect directly. sadly my old printers don’t have network access.

  5. i have followed the above instructions and everything has worked well, until i try to print something.
    the printer shows on my iphone but i cannot print
    what could be the issue

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