How to Manage Startup Applications in Windows

Does your computer take ages to boot? If yes than mostly the reason is boot-up apps, the apps that opens when you open your computer. You can easily disable these apps so that your computer may not take useless time in opening these apps. Here I am going you tell you how to add and remove startup apps in Windows.

Adding Custom Startup Apps

If you want to automatically open any app custom on your PC then this trick will work  for you. You will be thinking what kind of app you will like to be opened at startup as all the necessary apps like AntiVirus, Dropbox etc automatically startups at bootup. Well this depends upon your usage like I love web-browsing so I have kept Google Chrome as a startup app, if you are a music lover you might keep iTunes as a startup app or Photoshop if you are a photographer.

To add a startup app, simply open Startup folder and copy the application shortcut in the folder.

Where to find Startup folder? Location of  Startup folder depends upon your Windows. In Windows 7/Vista, open Start Menu, click on All Programs , Scroll down and you will find the startup folder.

In Windows XP, the folder is somewhere here => C: ► Documents and Settings ► (user) ► Start Menu ► Programs ► Startup.

Enabling And Disabling Startup Apps using Ccleaner

To enable or disable a startup app, download and install a small yet powerful app called CCleaner from here. This app has many useful features like removing temporary files, registry cleaner etc but we will focus on how to manage startup apps.

After installing CCleaner, open it and go to tools => Startup and choose the programs which you will like to open at startup. Simply double click the program to enable/disable it.

CCleaner Windows
CCleaner Startup Windows

Remember that disabling/enabling any app won’t delete the app from from its location and you can anytime enable/disable it again.

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