How-to Make RSS Feeds for Google+ Posts Profile

You could create an RSS for one of many reasons, such as, know about the latest news from a website, follow someone’s updates, or something else. RSS feeds are really useful as they are the easiest way to keep yourself updated with all that’s new. You can also learn a lot if you’re following someone who likes to update about interesting things happening around, hence here’s a method to create an RSS Feeds for Google+ Posts for profiles.

RSS Feeds for Google+ Posts

People have already begun using Google+ to share things with others, so it’s high time that you start following someone who posts good updates. RSS is the best way to go, because you can then add it to your favorite Feed reader and get updates along with all your other feeds. To make RSS feeds for Google+ profile is fairly simple and requires only a few minutes and a web app known as Google Plus Feed.

Create RSS Feeds for Google+ Posts

  • Firstly, you’ll need to get the profile ID of the person whose RSS feed you want to make. The profile ID is a long string of numbers, for example, for Profile “” the profile ID is 117420368760274729369.
  • Now go to and add the profile ID to it like this

Google  User Feed

  • Open Google reader or any other feed reader of your choice and add the URL to it. Below you can see that I’ve created an RSS feed and it has been successfully added.

google plus feed

You’re done!! You now have made an RSS feed of a Google+ user. However, if the person has limited all his posts and updates to a certain circle then you cannot see the updates. Only if it’s made Expanded, can you see the updates.

If you’ve been wanting to get someone’s update on your feed reader, then this is the easiest way to make it happen.