How to Login to Multiple Facebook Account in Chrome

Officially Facebook doesn’t allow any one to have multiple Facebook account but many users still have more than 1 FB account. Obviously you must be using multiple browser to login to multiple Facebook account at the same time.

Here is quick little trick for chrome which you can use to login to 2 Facebook account at the same time. We will be using Chrome Incognito feature to login to multiple Facebook account.

Google Incognito feature doesn’t save any history, cookies behind and it offers private browsing. To get started with simply use Ctrl + Shft+N key and new Incognito window will open.

Chrome private browsingNow open and you will be prompted for login again. This way you can also login to multiple Gmail account and so on. I hope you enjoyed this little tip. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share it on Facebook.

Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 123 articles.

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