How to Listen to Pandora Radio on iPhone Outside US

TunnThere are some really great apps on the iPhone App Store but unfortunately their content is limited to only the US or a few other countries. One such service is Pandora which is a really great radio application whose content is limited to US. Here’s a workaround that will let you listen to Pandora in India or any other country in the world.

This guide is meant for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad usersHere are some more VPN Services that works  best for running Pandora or other music streaming services from outside USA:

  1. TunnelBear
  2. Hidemyass
  3. PureVPN

Now, getting back to using Pandora on iPhone. Pandora has been our favorite stop for unlimited music streaming but since last year they stopped streaming to countries other than US. If you try using Pandora you get the following error message.


Follow these steps to remove this error:

Firstly download and install the Pandora App from the App Store if you haven’t already.

Now configure your iPhone to use a VPN which will give this app the impression that you are located in the US. Here’s a tutorial to configure a free HotSpot Shield VPN on your iPhone.

Now switch on the VPN by heading to Settings > VPN> ON. Once you see the VPN symbol in your top status bar you are good to go. Just launch Pandora and create a new station based on your favorite Artist, Song or Composer.


As you can see for yourself in the above screenshot, we have an endless music stream now thanks to HotSpot Shield’s VPN. This is a free VPN service and serves our purpose just perfectly. You can use any other VPN service if you like. This guide should work for most other Apps which stream music or video but restrict their content to the US.

Please note that the music stream once started will continue to play in the background even if you disconnect from the VPN. So if you are on a slower network you could disconnect from the VPN to avoid hiccups while listening to Pandora radio channels. However, if you skip tracks or change channel you will receive the error shown in the first screenshot. Connect to the VPN once again and you will be fine.

What we love most about Pandora is it’s ability to keep playing in the background so that we can continue working with other apps or playing games while we are listening to Pandora Radio.

Let us how you like Pandora and also which VPN you use?

9 thoughts on “How to Listen to Pandora Radio on iPhone Outside US”

  1. I tried this method and it works really well. Thank you! However, on my iPhone 4, the Hotspot Shield VPN turns off randomly after a period ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes. This is very annoying. Any idea what is going on? Thank you.

  2. same here… just shuts off automatically. Can’t find much online about troubleshooting this either.

  3. never happened to me. what firmware are you on? but you know its a free vpn so we can’t go and complain to them. we enjoy while it works and just sit and wait while it doesn’t. only other option is to buy premium vpn service. among free ones hotspot shield is the best so far. i have tried a couple more.

  4. Hello Rajat!

    Thanks for the awesome article, very useful! Pandora seems to be taking it’s time letting me login so while it waits, I wanted to ask you a quick question: does this need to be run through Wifi, or can it be run over the 3G network as well? I’m currently living abroad–and got my iPhone abroad–so I’m on a local network. Just wondering if you happen to know 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Have setted up the VPN account. It connects to the VPN but there is no internet any further. Can not connect to Pandora and can not even open any website.

    Any ideas?

  6. yes it works.
    it works on both wifi and gprs.
    but sometimes it fails to connect to VPN.
    but once its connected.. pandora is awesome.
    have any one found a pandora replacement for india.
    indian apps like tandora are bullshit cos of lack of server speed like those of pandora US servers.

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